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The internship (Module 10) belongs to the area of specialization. Besides the two compulsory modules M4 and M5, this area consists of a compulsory elective module (without module examination). Here, students can choose one of the following three module offers: 1. specializing in a specific historical period (either M6, M7, M8 or M9) or  2. the eight-week internship (M10), or 3. a theoretical-methodological module (M11).

To receive credits for the internship (10 LP) an internship report must be handed in for "active participation". In this report the study contents and qualification goals of the course of studies must be reflected in relation to the internship. Please see here for an idea (it refers to the internship that BA-students have to do, but it still works as a guideline, unfortunately it is only available in German).

Send the internship report and the proof of the hours completed by your employer to the program coordinator. Instead of the proof of hours provided by the program, students can also submit a letter by the internship employer that includes proof of the hours. The coordinator will check your documents and then submit them to the Prüfungsbüro for assessment. If approved by the Prüfungsbüro, the internship will be added to your Campus Management.

Generally, the internship should enable students to acquire knowledge in the professional application of global historical knowledge in relevant institutions, organizations and companies, for example in a museum, in cultural management, a NGO, archives, public associations, political consulting or a public history agency. If you want to be sure that your chosen internship place is suitable, please enquire at globalhistory@fu-berlin.de.

It is an eight-week internship with 300 hours (280 hours of attendance, plus 20 hours reserved for preparation and writing the report).

Can longer internships also be credited?

Yes, the internship can also be longer –  the length also depends on how many hours per week are completed. If the internship has a larger number of hours, it can still be credited, but only with a maximum of 10 LP (credit points).

A general document is not available online, but please can contact the Studienbüro and they will issue such a document. The Studienbüro will then issue a personalized certificate stating that a compulsory internship can be completed.

According to the SPO (study regulations), the internship should be scheduled for the semester break. If you plan to do the internship during the semester, please consult with the Studienbüro. Since the internship is a course of study, it is important that it must be completed during enrollment.

Yes, the total amount of 8 weeks (with 280 hours according to the SPO) must be proven; whether this is done in one, two or even more internships is irrelevant.

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