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Jacqueline Häußler

Jacqueline Häußler

In 2011, I finished my first degree in (Communication) Design and have been working in this area ever since, as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Next to my work, in 2017 I started a 2nd degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Political Sciences in order to gain knowledge that I could use for personal art projects. Unexpectedly, I not only gained a lot of knowledge (and ever more questions) but also fell in love with science, which led me to my current master’s degree in Global History. I am interested in adding a temporal dimension to my hitherto social science focus and wish to know more about the (global) history of ideas, knowledge and postcolonial history.

In short, I think I have set out to understand (wo)mankind and have an inkling that it will prove to be impossible. Nevertheless, it’s been a great journey so far.

Fun Fact – I have no time for personal art projects.

Global histories