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Important Documents and Information

Important documents:

It is necessary for you to bring the following documents and personal records when coming to Berlin:

  1. Passports or equivalent identity documents for yourself and any family members coming with you. Please note that: these documents should be valid for your entire stay in Germany.
  2. Entry visa(s) for yourself and any family members coming with you.
  3. Proof of admission/ acceptance by your department/ Letter of invitation from the university or institute. This may also be your supervisor’s letter of acceptance of your research project or the fellowship award letter.
  4. Several (biometric) passport photos
  5. For enrollment at the university you will need to present certified copies of your highschool graduation certificate and other university degree certificates, in German or English.

Further Documents:

  1. Birth certificate(s) and certified translations in German or English for yourself and any family members coming with you.

  2. Proof of health insurance coverage in Germany.

  3. International vaccination certificate and certified translations in German or English.

  4. If applicable: Marriage certificate, if applicable, and certified translations in German or English.

  5. If applicable: International or national driver’s license together with certified translation in German or English, and proof of car insurance (“Green Card”). More information here.


Further useful information:

Make sure you have enough money available (ca. 1000 EUR) during your first weeks in Berlin to cover all out of pocket expenses including start-up costs (for transportation, rent, deposit on apartment, health insurance, utilities, etc.) and the semester fee. These expenses are normally due prior to the first disbursement of funding support by a scholarship or student credits.

 If you intend to enter Germany for a longer stay, be prepared to provide evidence that you have at least € 700 per month per person. This may be a stipend, a government grant, an official guarantee, or a bank account. Proof of financial means is required when extending your visa or opening a local bank account.

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