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Information and contact points for reporting discrimination, sexual harassment and violence

Our program is dedicated to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment for all members of our community. (See the Code of Conduct)


In case you experience or witness an incident of discrimination, harassment or violence, we encourage you to seek support.

Within the Global History program, the faculty members who have volunteered as first points of contact are:

Joseph Prestel
Franziska Exeler

They will

  • treat you with respect and compassion

  • handle every conversation with absolute confidentiality

  • assist you in reporting the incident and/or point you towards other resources

  • be available as confidants to make sure you feel supported and heard

They are not trained specialists, but can listen and carefully decide together with you how to proceed.


At both universities, you can also get in touch with the equal opportunity officer (Frauenbeauftragte) responsible for the history department:

Women’s Officer (Frauenbeauftragte) FU (Gesch/Kult)

Women’s Officer (Frauenbeauftragte) HU (Asian & African Studies)

Women’s Officer (Frauenbeauftragte) HU (History)


Further resources

There are various facilities both on and off campus that offer important resources (with a focus on sexual discrimination):

No means No (Resource of FU Berlin)

At FU: support points for mental wellbeing: https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/mentalwellbeing/Support_Points/index.html 

At FU, the Studierendenwerk offers psychological counselling: https://www.stw.berlin/beratung/psychologische-beratung/

At FU, the student representation (Asta) offers different counselling for students (including on issues of harassment and discrimination): https://astafu.de/beratungen 

At HU, there is the anti-discrimination counselling of the student representation (RefRat): http://www.refrat.hu-berlin.de/adb.html

Gender-Based And Sexualized Violence In Higher Education (Center of Excellence Women and Science)

Network against Abuse of Power in Science

List of external (not university-related) counseling points and information centers



Heike Pantelmann and Sabine Blackmore (eds), Sexualisierte Belästigung, Diskriminierung und Gewalt im Hochschulkontext, Springer 2023.

Olga Burlyuk and Ladan Rahbari (eds), Migrant Academics' Narratives of Precarity and Resilience in Europe, Open Book Publishers 2023.

M. Hoebel, A. Durglishvili, J. Reinold and D. Leising, Sexual Harassment and Coercion in German Academia: A Large-Scale Survey Study, 2022.


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