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Information and contact points for reporting discrimination, harassment and violence

Sexual harassment in a university setting is not an isolated problem, but a hidden and pervasive form of discrimination – unfortunately, it is not the only form of discrimination. The Center for Global History encourages students (but also doctoral candidates, researchers, fellows, or other members of the department) to report any incident of sexual, queerphobic, racist, religious or any other discrimination, harassment or violence as soon as possible. The Center does its best to deal with discrimination and harassment complaints quickly and carefully.

If you experience or witness an incident of discrimination, harassment or violence, or have done so in the past, there are various contact points for you to turn to: at the Center for Global History Minu Haschemi Yekani or and Christoph Kalter are the faculty members available. Do not hesitate to contact them. They will handle every conversation and report with absolute confidentiality and you will be treated with respect and compassion. If you wish, they will assist you in reporting the incident(s) and/or point you towards other resources in or outside the university. If you don’t want to make a report and just need someone to talk to, they are available as confidants to make sure you feel supported and heard.

While we hope you will turn to someone at the Center for support, we understand that you might decide not to. In this case, we encourage you to speak to someone in your life.

There are various facilities both on and off campus that offer important resources (with a focus on sexual discrimination :

  • This flyer in German and English provides information about facilities on the FU Campus.
  • This flyer in German provides information about facilities on the HU Campus.
  • Here you find an overview of external information centers and counseling points in Berlin.
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