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Studying, Planning a Schedule

All mandatory courses will be in English, as well as all of the courses that concern the history of North America and some of the courses that concern the history of other regions. Courses on specific regions may be held in the relevant regional language – for example, a course on Latin America may be held in Spanish. In addition, some courses will be offered in German, giving those who know German a broader range of courses to choose from. However, it is possible to complete the program entirely in English. Applicants do not need to know German. German language skills would simply expand your course options.

You choose your area of specialization when you plan your schedule. This is normally at the beginning of the first semester, but under certain circumstances changes are possible until the beginning of the second semester.

The courses on African history differ from the courses on other regions. Instead of two courses with 15 ECTS each, there are three courses with 10 ECTS each. Therefore, slight alterations to the typical course plan are necessary to integrate these courses into your timetable.

At the moment, no. However, students are encouraged to go abroad – preferably in their third semester – but have to organize their stay independently (i.e. via Erasmus).

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