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Language Requirements

The MA Global History is an English-language program. Applicants to the MA program must prove with their application that they have English skills at C1 (CEFRL) level.

Depending on the region applicants would like to focus on, they may have to have additional language skills to take individual modules (for further information on this please see here). Some of the regional and interdisciplinary modules, which the students can choose, will be in German. Hence, students with a good knowledge of German will have more seminars to choose from.

Concerning admissions requirements: applicants need to certify English skills on the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Language skills can be certified by the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced), the IELTS (International English Language Testing System – a minimum score of 7.5), UNIcert® (level III or higher), or the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a foreign language) with a minimum score of 100 for the internet version. We accept Toefl MyBest Scores. We accept certificates from the above-mentioned testing centres, up to five years old. A document showing that applicants spent at least one year at an English-language university in an Anglophone country would also be sufficient (if you are unsure if your university qualfies, please enquire via email), as would a bachelor's degree in a subject that also has a C1 level English requirement. Applicants must prove their language skills upon application – a preliminary admission is not possible. A proof of German language skills is not necessary for the application.

*** General Advice ***

We want to emphasise that a very good level of English is required for our MA program in order to study with enjoyment and success. Students are expected to read and understand academic texts, to discuss and present historic questions at an advanced level in class and to articulate their thoughts in an academic style when handing in coursework or writing research papers and the MA thesis.

According to our experience, students with English skills below the required level, tend to struggle with the program; for example they have difficulties with the written coursework and with participating actively in class.

Even if you formally fulfil the language requirements, we recommend reflecting on your personal language proficiency and if you meet the requirements needed in order to successfully study in the MA Global History.

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