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Ho Chi Wu

His parents are ordinary local Hongkongers, who did not receive formal education and started work as child labor in the Asian colonial society. When he was growing up, their home was a zinc squatter without proper sewage treatment in a hillside shanty town on the margins of the city. Yet, the boy was more blessed to be born in the latter stages of British colonial rule. In response to the local voices for decolonization, the colonial authority initiated a series of the social reengineering programs, arranged low-cost resettlement houses for low-income families, free and good-quality education for all children, upgraded the public utilities and introduced inexpensive medical care. These sanguine results did not just grant him material benefits but stimulated him to ponder the importance of social inclusion and justice in the public sphere.

His adolescence in the 1990s coincided with the greatest moments of the colonial city. Like his contemporaries, he took pride in the achievements of the Oriental Pearl. He was matriculated at Immaculate Heart of Mary College, a Catholic co-educational high school which for him, laid a sound moral foundation of pluralism, faith and democracy through rigorous learning and engaging student participation. The dedication of the American Franciscan sisters leads him to follow their steps to devote for more than a decade as a high school history teacher, meanwhile, he kept an eye on research interest through teaching and part-time studying in local graduate schools.

Galvanized by the protests of Hong Kong in 2019, he decides to pursue further study in Germany. He has been a modern world history teacher and lecturer in high schools and community colleges, a Youtuber in the Asian cosmopolitan.

Global histories