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Ruby Guyot



Ruby Guyot is a native of Portland, Oregon, USA. In 2019, she received her BA with honors in History from Linfield College, a small liberal arts institution located south of Portland. Her undergraduate thesis explored the relationships between gender and consumerism in 1950s West German heimatfilm

Ruby’s current historical interests include Central Europe (broadly defined as Germany and the former Habsburg sphere), gender studies, visual and cultural studies, and histories from below. She is also interested in oral histories, having participated in the creation of an oral history archive dedicated to preserving the memories of Linfield alumni who attended during the WWII era. She chose to pursue the MA in Global History in order to make transnational connections in her work, as well as to broaden her theoretical knowledge. 

In her free time, Ruby enjoys reading, collecting notebooks, and pretending she can write poetry.

Global histories