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Martin Felix Romero



I am a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a degree in history teaching for secondary and higher education. I worked as a history teacher at secondary schools and colleges, however, I am also involved in academic research, regarding contemporary central European history.

For the past few years, I have studied the National Socialist regime and the Holocaust. Additionally, I have participated in the project ‘Young People for Memory: Oral and Visual Archive of Shoah Survivor Accounts’ as part of the Holocaust Memory Foundation, which belongs to the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires. For this project, I carried out interviews with survivors living in Argentina and compiled primary accounts. This, for me, was an incredibly moving and enriching experience. Afterwards, I took part in the “Leo Baeck Summer University” at Humboldt University in Berlin from July to August 2016.

At the moment, I am researching about the National Socialist activities in Argentina during the 30s.

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