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Vincent Ugonna John

Vincent Ugonna John

Vincent Ugonna John

My name is Vincent Ugonna John, a Nigerian by nationality and originated from the eastern part of the country. Ugonna John was born on the 23rd of November 1990 into a Christian home.

Ugonna John has earned all educational degree right from basic till bachelors in Nigeria, but on a different region of the country. The early part of my education was received in the western part of the country where I was birthed and had my last degree in the eastern part where I originated from. I earned my bachelor's degree in History and international studies from the Imo State University in 2012.

In 2014, Ugonna John did a 6 months certification course in Cambridge installation and fault resolution (Telecommunication microwave radio) and it initially gave a platform for a change of a career path where I worked as a field telecom  engineer with mobax telecommunications Nigeria from  2015-2018.

Ugonna John is an honest, dedicated, hardworking, self-motivated and an optimistic fellow that enjoys working and being part of a successful team. He is solemnly bent on excellent standards and that has given him the reason to further his education in his bachelor’s background, currently undergoing a master’s degree in Global History.

Ugonna John main motivation to the study of Global History not limited to a geographical entity has been highly influenced by my late father's pedigree and tutelage of history of the world down to his originated environs not also forgetting the intercultural exchange and also my personal interest in world affairs generally. Daily I liken to broaden my knowledge of history, economics, politics, international affairs and inter-relations between my origin and the world at large

Ugonna John currently lives in Berlin where he studying for a masters program in Global History, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

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