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Lety ElNaggar

Lety ElNaggar1

Lety ElNaggar1

Studying in the MA Global History program offered a unique opportunity to work with a dynamic group of international thinkers. Intellectually stimulated by the variety of regional and thematic specializations in which peers and faculty were rooted, I was able to more comprehensively delve into my personal research interest—the development of nationality within the context of human rights.

My research is one of the driving forces of inspiration behind Out Of Nations, a musical project I co-founded whose concept is premised on the idea of a future in which the restrictions that accompany division by nationality become subsidiary to common humanity.

By understanding that specific historical circumstances led to categorization by nationality and that global benefits and disadvantages dependent upon such categorization are not natural givens but constructs of our own human agency, we can estimate that such categories are fluid with the potential to change in character over time.

We promote the possibility and desirability of a future paradigm shift in how people experience categorization by nationality, bolstered by comprehending the historical development of a global human right to nationality. Through music also featuring entangled global elements, we make this relatively complex academic idea accessible to lay audiences, essential to the advocacy that characterizes my career as a composer and musician with Out Of Nations.

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