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Colloquium Global History, Cristiana Bastos (Lisbon)

Apr 25, 2022 | 06:00 PM c.t. - 08:00 PM
Programme Global History Colloquium SoSe 2022-1

Programme Global History Colloquium SoSe 2022-1

25.04. Cristiana Bastos (The Colour of Labour: Plantations, Migrations, Racializations)

Global History Colloquium, 25 April 2022, 18h15-19h45 (in person)

FU Berlin, FMI, Room A336, Koserstr. 20, 14195 Berlin


I will present the preliminary results of a large scale, multi-site, multi-period and multi-disciplinary project addressing cross-imperial migrations and processes of racialization in post-abolition plantation societies. Case studies include British Guiana, Hawaii, S Tomé, Mauritius, plantation-like industrial plants of early 20th century New England, and contemporary agribusiness in Europe.




Cristiana Bastos (CUNY) is an anthropologist whose interests have covered public health, epidemics, science and empire, migrations and the processes of racialization. She is currently leading the ERC AdG The colour of labour – the racialized lives of migrants at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon.


Global histories