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Lisa Maren Poggel



Born in Münster, grew up in Germany.

2014-2015 BA "International Relations" in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2015-2018 BA "History/Political Science" at FU Berlin
since 2018 MA "Global History" at FU/HU Berlin

Interests: Early Modern and East European History, History of Science - esp. political/colonial entanglements of scientific research and early modern scientific expeditions, material culture of science, Digital Humanities stuff and Feminism

I wrote my bachelor thesis on Robert Boyle's experimental method, focusing on his usage of scientific instruments and his senses and his relation to the 17th century debate on the corruption of the senses and the il/legitimacy of scientific instruments. In the years to come I hope to deepen my understanding of the political and colonial entanglements of scientific research and early modern scientific expeditions. However I am also interested in science in the Soviet Union and in other local and political contexts and in digital humanities topics in general.

Global histories