Admission Requirements

This is a consecutive master's program. We welcome applicants who (1) already had an emphasis on historical topics in their undergraduate studies or (2) applicants who majored in area studies (e.g. Islamic Studies, Asian and East Asian Studies, African Studies, Latin American Studies etc.) and wish to further their historiographic expertise with a strong focus on global perspectives. Reflecting the transnational and non-Eurocentric approach of the program we primarily encourage students with a regional expertise beyond Germany to apply.

What are the admissions requirements for the Global History MA program?

  • An above average undergraduate degree on par with a Bachelor in History, Area Studies, or a related field that includes equivalent historical or area studies topics (minimum of 60 credit points), which can be proven with a transcript of records. In all cases, at least 60 cp must be accredited from historical or area studies courses.
  • The MA Global History is an English-language program. Therefore, applicants to the MA program who are non-native speakers must prove in their application that they have English skills at a C1 (GER) level. Information about language testing and certification can be found on here.